Urnique Studio

An Independent
Video Games /
Mobile Application /
Software development studio.

What We Do

We are a “Work for Hire” development studio that can create digital products of your choice.

Game Development

Our main focus is to create high quality and creative games, including 2D/3D/AR/VR, using Unity Engine, or any other platforms of your choice.

Application and Software

Other than games, we also develop native applications for iOS, Android and Desktop platforms.

Website Development

We develop full-stack websites from small to large scale according to your needs.


Our goal is to be Unique, passionate and deliver the best experiences to our customers and players all around the world.


Here are some of our internal projects:



An award-winning stealth puzzle adventure with 96% positive reviews on Steam. Where knowledge from the future is your power.

For more information on our products, please contact us.

About Us

Everything starts from small beginnings.

Urnique Studio was founded by a group of graduates who participated in and won the Microsoft Software Competition, Imagine Cup, when they were students. Since then, they have evolved into a new indie studio with a strong desire to pursue their dreams.  


Urnique Studio is a Thailand based independent game and software development studio.  

Urnique is from the words, “Unique” and “Your” combined. That means our mission is to deliver your premium and unique products of your choice, either video games, apps or softwares. We promise the best quality within our talents, passions and creativities.

Here are members of our core team :

Parimeth Wongsatayanon


Yongyot KuratANA

Project Manager / COO

Kamin Kolyutsakul

Lead Technical Artist

Pongsatorn Santiwatanakul


Kittinat Pornsurapab


And many more talents!